Industrial Security Services

Industrial Security Services

Industrial Security Services

Industrial security services
cover a wide range of areas such as:
•     Construction
•    Manufacturing
•    Agriculture
•    Mining
•    Transportation and Public Utilities

These type of industrial services are of major importance to commercial businesses, not only from a loss prevention standpoint but also malicious vandalism and acts of terrorism.
Industrial surveillance services are extremely critical when it comes to manufacturing facilities and processing of dangerous materials. This can range from nuclear power plants to chemical processing facilities. One act of malicious vandalism or act of terrorism could potentially cause a severe disaster affecting large segments of the population.

Common Misconception Regarding Industrial Security Services.

When it comes to industrial asset protection, there is often the common misconception that a guard company is the only option other than having one’s own in house guards service.  What most companies do not realize is that there is a third and far more efficient and cost effective way for on site protection. When it comes to protecting industrial assets a virtual guard surveillance service offers the best solution.

Why A live monitoring service is the best choice for Industrial Security Services.

As the security needs of industry  have broadened and evolved through the years so has the technology created in order to protect these sensitive assets .  The use of on site guards seems ineffective at best  when compared to a good CCTV surveillance company.

Why Live Video Monitoring for Industrial Security?

  • Virtual guards are in all places at all times and can be set up so that not one square inch of a perimeter is unwatched at the same time. Unless a business has a live guard every 25 feet it is physically impossible for them to be everywhere at once. And for a large facility, the cost would be extremely prohibitive.
  • Virtual guards never takes a break or falls asleep on the job unlike a live guard. With state of the art video capability, the industrial premises are being monitored and recorded 24-7.
  • Industrial security services can actually be very affordable with the right video  service. The video surveillance company that can offer the best industrial security services is National Video Monitoring Corporation.  NVMC’ s surveillance services  can save the business over 70% in comparison to a security guard, and without the liability associated with on site guards, while improving the overall security .

NVMC’s proprietary software and sophisticated cctv camera systems create an artificial perimeter around the facility. When the perimeter is breached by a person or vehicle an alert is sent to NVMC’s headquarters and and  an “event” is created.  The video surveillance software integrates artificial intelligence into each camera system which allows communication between all cameras and the agent interacting with the event.
Depending on the type of event, an alert level is established and the event is then monitored in real time and the cameras follow the vehicle and person around the premises.

Because of the audio capabilities that NVMC offers,  it allows the agent to notify the intruder that they are being watched, that their every move recorded and that the authorities have been contacted.

Because specific protocols and alert levels have been programmed into the software, this allows NVMC to recognize a potential crime before it has actually even been committed, and alert the proper authorities.

NVMC offers the perfect alternative for high tech Industrial Security Services.

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