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South Bend Remote video monitoring the fastest growing segment in the security industry in South Bend Indiana

South Bend remote  video monitoring
Remote video monitoring in South Bend is a relatively new industry when it comes to the security industry . According to research from IMS
Research, remote video monitoring is forecast to be the quickest growing segment
within the remote monitoring market. In South Bend remote video monitoring is experiencing huge growth and these services nationwide were documented to be worth nearly $250 million in 2009 alone. And the estimated growth in this new arena is calculated to speed up with the increased technology available today and as the global economy recovers. From the suppliers of goods in the remote video monitoring industry, the telecommunications industry which provides the bandwidth, to a full variety of remote video monitoring service businesses, the years ahead look bright indeed. Not only for cctv suppliers and service providers, but for the end user as well. It is a winning situation for both parties involved . For the buyer, remote video monitoring offers the opportunity to retire or reduce the use of real live guards, thereby helping them to see a return on their investment in no time with an actual rise of effectiveness and security. In the security industry, the perfect answer to commercial security is definitely with a South Bend remote video monitoring service.

What is a South Bend remote video monitoring service?

remote video monitoring South Bend
A South Bend remote video monitoring service can be anything from offsite, remotely hosted video surveillance storage, to remote video monitoring and remote virtual guard. Basically, these services are made to the customer money on their capital investment and also to improve the level of protection beyond the “human” component.

A South Bend remote video monitoring service is suitable either for individuals trying to safeguard their homes and family, up to and including large businesses, for construction site security and industrial security services. A South Bend remote video monitoring service offers precious features that are not usually available with localized video solutions. Remote video monitoring and other forms of video surveillance security are vital to maintaining the safety of public buildings, large groups of people, and business premises. Also useful for the safeguarding of assets in distant areas or for large temporary gatherings of people, remote video monitoring holds the key to challenging security issues . When utilized with the use of actual live remote video monitoring agents, this additional feature offers an extremely impressive solution to security. All this with a South Bend remote video monitoring company.

How does a South Bend remote video monitoring service work?

A South Bend remote video monitoring service functions with the use of CCTV. CCTV is a form of surveillance system that involves the use of video cameras to produce images for display on a limited number of screens that are directly connected to a non-broadcast system. CCTV surveillance systems are viewed by the designated personnel for security purposes and are the standard. CCTV ensures that public places are securely protected.

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CCTV is also used for private use. A up to date South Bend remote video monitoring service allows security employees to receive direct transmission feeds from surveillance cameras. This will ensure that business owners, building managers, and security personnel can monitor their businesses even when they are not around. In addition, with continuing advances in technology, CCTV remote video surveillance has also spread into digital video recorders (DVRs) which provide high quality surveillance. A substantial amount of data from the surveillance cameras can be stored in these systems. These have many performance options such as motion detection, as well as email and mobile phone alerts that alert personnel of security issues and unlawful intrusion. In Indiana, CCTV surveillance has helped capture criminals and terrorists, lowered theft, and vandalism in buildings and other public areas. The video, audio and still footage is of the highest quality.

In South Bend remote video monitoring for commercial use offers the highest degree of security when combined with the implementation of live monitoring agents watching in real time. Throughout Indiana National Video Monitoring is a front runner when it comes to their South Bend remote video monitoring service.

Call today for more information on how NVMC’s South Bend remote video monitoring service can properly shield your location while saving you money.

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