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security-guard-companies-Kenosha-WisconsinSecurity guard companies in Kenosha Wisconsin and security companies throughout the United States, are readily being replaced with rapidly expanding Live Video Monitoring companies. Mainly, as a result of plenty company owners are starting to become cognizant that there are greater economical and immensely capable alternatives to safeguarding assets than costly and many occasions, incompetent Kenosha security guard companies.

Seemingly, the role of the live video monitoring company has never been more vital in this day and age, with the steady threat of sophisticated criminals and domestic terrorism. For companies in Kenosha, Wisconsin and throughout the nation, there is an ever increasing reliance on live video monitoring in lieu of private security guard companies to take on the role of safeguarding both public and private properties. Virtual Guards, instead of onsite guards, many a time are the only watchful eye on a commercial property after-hours. On many occasions, to watch over their assets, businesses rely on the standards and discernment of the employees of Kenosha WI security guard companies, but there are drawbacks with this dependence.

Live Video Monitoring helps businesses to avoid the unique challenges and pitfalls that security guard companies have.


While the security guard industry has been improving through the years, they still withstand problems largely due to cheap wages, weak training, and high turnover. Security officers endure many of the same risks as police, but in many cases the level of income, benefits, and in-service training is far less. Every year we see a move toward greater government regulation for minimum standards for hiring, screening, and training of security officers.
While these security guards almost never carry guns – they are requisitioned to be on the front line for any chance happening that comes up: But experts affirm the security guard industry is beset with problems, from inconsistent training to issues with pay and benefits, some of which are alleged even against the guard services that municipals rely on to protect many city assets. Incapability and ineffectiveness is out of control in the security guard industry today and even with security guard companies in Kenosha Wisconsin.

Two things to take in to consideration when retaining security guard companies in Kenosha Wisconsin.

1. The liability risk – this risk is non-existent when using a video monitoring company
2. The qualifications – Many security guards are just everyday people with no real experience and very little if any training.

Times have changed over the latter years, with today’s technology making it possible to take the place of the skyrocketing cost of security guards and simultaneously improving your security. Beforehand, a private security professional would have had to protect the outside of a company or shop, and take care of a few disturbances by removing the perpetrator. However, with today’s societies threatened by terrorists and highly sophisticated criminals, the necessity to find security guard companies in Kenosha Wisconsin that can deliver highly effective security is pressing.

Kenosha Wisconsin security guard companyBut it can also be prohibitively costly.
When taking into account overall costs and effectiveness, security guard companies in Kenosha, Wisconsin pale contrasted to the current cutting edge technology of CCTV linked with live real time video monitoring services.

Security guard companies, using either in house or outsourced security guards are using old 20th century physical security. This creates diverse issues. If it’s in house, companies can reduce the budget, but face tremendous liability and workmen’s compensation issues. If security is outsourced to an outside security guard company, it can be notably costly. Not to mention that either way, individual guards or security guard companies in general, can represent very poor security. Here’s why.

1. A security guard can only be in one place at a time.
2. Security guards are trained not to intervene
3. Security guards can be unreliable. How do you know they are making their rounds?
4. Security guards get tired. They fall asleep.
5. Security guard companies are extremely cost prohibitive.

In a few cases, a business or organization needs an onsite guard (boots on the ground), but with the adoption of CCTV and live video monitoring, there can be a great reduction of hours worked, as well as a greater increase of effective security. All coupled with resultant huge savings overall. With CCTV and live video monitoring as the paramount source of effective security, the quantity of onsite guards can be drastically reduced or abandoned altogether.

Manufacturing facilities – might need a guard during the day time, but can utilize CCTV and live video monitoring for night time security (or when closed) or when no one is on the property.
Office Buildings – during the daytime the management company could possibley employ a few guards throughout the building, but by using CCTV and live video monitoring in the parking areas and outdoors, it highly reduces the need for live guards. After closing, when there is no one present, guards can be drastically reduced or completely discarded.
Large shopping centers ” with the use of CCTV and live video monitoring, often times only one guard would be needed, and the virtual guard service would oversee the entire property easily and cost effectively notifying the security guard whenever there are security issues.

Before actually employing one of the local security guard companies, you should seriously investigate virtual guard services, using live video monitoring. With services and locations in Kenosha Wisconsin and all throughout the nation, Eagle Eye Surveillance Systems and National Video Monitoring Corporation can actually offer you the most effective security systems and live video monitoring, with virtually no liability or risk all. And the best part is…at amazing discounted rates of up to 70% over the cost of a real live security guard. All while escalating the level of effectiveness far and above the scope of a live guard. In Kenosha, Wisconsin and neighboring towns, Eagle Eye Surveillance systems and National Video Monitoring Corporation will save you money and give you peace of mind, knowing that your possessions are being protected by the best technology and live video monitoring service in the United States.

National Video Monitoring Corporation prides themselves on their state of the art video monitoring facility and especially in their highly trained live video monitoring professionals that have only one role…to watch and protect your assets 24-7.

Forget outmoded security guard companies when you can use affordable cutting edge resources and technology.

There really is no good comparison between CCTV, live video monitoring and outdated security guard companies in Kenosha Wisconsin!

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