North Dakota Security Guard Companies – Are Security Guards in ND the Best Solution for Security?

North Dakota-security-guard-companies North Dakota security guard companies are promptly being switched with constantly expanding  CCTV technology and Live Video Monitoring firms. This trend continues throughout the land. Business owners are waking up to the fact that there are a lot more effective alternatives to safeguarding valuable assets without resorting to oftentimes ineffectual live guards. Not to mention that they are discovering that the application of live video monitoring is far more agreeable as a cost saving measure than North Dakota security guard companies.

With the perpetual threat of domestic terrorism and high tech criminals, the function that the live video monitoring company offers is crucial in these changeable times. With the state of the economy in disarray, crime is at an all time high. Virtual Guards, instead of onsite guards, often are now the only watchful eye on a commercial property after-hours. In fact, there is an increasing reliance on live video monitoring instead of North Dakota security guard companies to take on the role of asset protection in both the private and public sector. ND firms overall are jumping on the bandwagon.

Businesses are switching from North Dakota security guard companies to Live Video Monitoring

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In old school security, businesses have to entrust on the better judgment and the stability of their employees or the employees of North Dakota security guard companies, but there are big downsides and pitfalls to this reliance.  Just by switching to CCTV combined with live video monitoring or in conjunction with with traditional guards, companies can easily avoid the challenges and negatives that come with solely using a local ND security guard company.

Even though the security guard industry has been getting better through time, North Dakota security guard companies face a disparate range of challenges mainly due to inept training, minimum wages and extremely high turnover.  Although the threshold of benefits, income and training is far below that of the police force, security guards still are confronted with similar dangers.  But because of this, there has been momentum towards more government regulations to appoint minimum standards in the industry, such as hiring standards, screening protocols, and the training of security personnel.

Data lay out that the security guard industry is afflicted with problems, from pay and benefit issues to lack and inconsistent training, Security guard companies expect their employees to be on the front line of defense for any scenarios that may come about, even though the guards almost never carry firearms.   In North Dakota security guard companies and throughout the U.S. experience rampant ineffectiveness and inefficiency.

When engaging North Dakota security guard companies there are two main things to consider:

Qualifications – the average security guard is just a common everyday, human with not a whole lot of skill and virtually no training whatsoever.

Liability – the liability risk is tremendous, that is why so many companies are turning to effective, minor risk video monitoring instead of using a live guard business.

The world is ever changing and what worked before in the domain of security, has quickly become outdated as new technologies and services are introduced to the marketplace. These high tech services have made it possible to take the place of expensive security guards with a new and perfected version of security appropriate for the 21st century. It wasn’t that long ago that the private security individual would have had to stand outside the premises and handle any events by extracting the guilty party. But now…the pressure to discover security guard companies in North Dakota that can deliver critically effective security is paramount with the types of threats the civilized world is encountering.

When using this degree of live security guarding, the costs can be exorbitant. When it comes to considering the entire costs live guarding involves, combined with the standard of effectiveness, there is affirmatively no comparing of the cutting edge technology of CCTV and live video monitoring. That is because the average security guard companies in North Dakota are lost in the paradigm of the old 20th century model. There are many associated problems with this type of security model. Countless companies use their own in-house employees for security, but suffer huge liability risks and workman’s comp issues.  But then if companies outsource to an outside security guard firm, to properly protect assets can be extremely expensive.  And not even to take into account that security guard companies and individual live guards can represent extremely poor security.
North Dakota security guard companyWhy do live North Dakota security guard companies offer a decreased standard of security?

  • A live security guard is not capable of being in two places at a time.
  • Live guards are not trained for intervention.
  • Live guards can be proven to be inattentive, inconsistent and irresponsible.
  • What if they are not going on their rounds? What if they are too exhausted to pay attention?
  • What if they are napping?

The costs of North Dakota security guard companies are continually going up and these increasing costs are in turn carried on to the customer.  In several instances it is not possible for companies to entirely give up live security guards, but by using CCTV joined with live video monitoring, there can be a massive downturn in the cutback of hours worked as well as highly developed security. This can put forth colossal savings for the company. The quantity of onsite live guards can be highly reduced or abandoned altogether, just by establishing a strategy that includes CCTV and live video monitoring.

What types of firms can benefit from a combination of live guards and high tech video monitoring?

Manufacturing facilities – might need a guard during the day time, but can utilize CCTV and live video monitoring for night time security (or when closed) or when no one is on the premises.

Office Buildings – during the day the management company might use a few guards throughout the building, but by using CCTV and live video monitoring in the parking areas and outdoors, it greatly reduces the requirement for live guards. Guards can be drastically reduced or completely eliminated altogether at night when no one is around the premises.

Large shopping centers – with the use of CCTV and live video monitoring, often times only one guard would be needed, and the virtual guard service would oversee the entire property effortlessly and economically notifying the live guard whenever there are security issues.
security guard companies North DakotaIf you are a company owner or manager and are entertaining the idea of a ND security guard company, before you make your final decision, by all means research all of the benefits of live video monitoring and CCTV. You will be very glad.

Why not consider Eagle Eye Surveillance Systems and National Video Monitoring Corporation. With services and locations all over the U.S., they put forth the most effective, cutting edge security systems and video monitoring services with virtually no liability or risk all. These two stellar, security based companies are constantly giving traditional security guard companies in North Dakota a huge run for their money.  And why not…they can dramatically reduce costs by up to over 70% of that of a live guard. All while increasing the level of effectiveness and efficiency far and above the caliber of a live guard.

Eagle Eye Surveillance Systems and National Video Monitoring Corporation will save you money and give you peace of mind, knowing that your assets are being protected by the best technology and live video monitoring service in ND and throughout the nation.

National Video Monitoring Corporation takes great pride in their state of the art video monitoring facility and especially, in their highly trained live video monitoring professionals that have only one role…to watch and protect your assets 24-7.

Forget about outdated North Dakota security guard companies…now you can afford the cutting edge resources and technology of live video monitoring !

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