Mobile Video Monitoring – Surveillance Services for Mobile, Alabama

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Mobile Video Monitoring – Surveillance Services

Mobile video monitoring and surveillance services have come into its own. With the use of high tech video surveillance, after hours live video monitoring and state of the art CCTV camera systems, more and more Mobile, Alabama businesses and those in other Alabama cities are realizing the value that these video monitoring services can offer. The crime rate is high and the need for surveillance services in Mobile and other cities of the state of Alabama is escalating. In today’s world just hanging cameras is not enough. After hours video monitoring by a live monitoring agent can make the difference to any Mobile business. For the best  Mobile video monitoring service…

video monitoring service

Three Reasons Why Our Live Mobile Video Monitoring service offers
the Best Mobile Surveillance Services

  • Our Mobile video monitoring service will reduce crime
  • Minimize liability with enhanced surveillance services for your Alabama business
  • And best of all …our Mobile surveillance services will Save You Money!

Mobile, Alabama – Facts
Situated on Mobile Bay of the Gulf of Mexico in the southern most portion of Alabama, Mobile was established as a trading center on the Port of Mobile. Mobile is the county seat of Mobile County and has a population of 195,111 people according to the 2010 US Census. In history it has been a colony of France, Britain, and Spain, finally joining the United States in 1810. Major industries in Mobile include steel, manufacturing, ship building, and aerospace. Being situated on the Port of Mobile, ship building for the US defenses and commercial container storage at the docks is another major aspect of the economy. Mobile is also home to numerous colleges, including Spring Hill College, Faulkner University, University of South Alabama, and University of Mobile. Among the industry, education, and business, Mobile is a cultural haven and boasts a rich historical background. It showcases historic southern architecture in its churches, cemeteries, schools, and other various buildings. Mobile also has a symphony, a ballet, an opera, and art museums. Its historical background is heavy with military influence due to the battleships built there that were used in wartime.

Crime in Mobile is relatively high when compared to the nation. It is considered safer than only 4% of cities in the United States. Based on 2006 crime data from the FBI, the overall crime rate in Mobile was 4479 per one hundred thousand people. Of those crimes, 553 were categorized as violent, and the majority of the remaining crimes were property related. Compared to the capital of Alabama, Montgomery, the crime rates for both violent and property related crimes are lower. Further, in Mobile the rates of murder, robbery, and theft are higher than the national average, but rape and assault in Mobile are lower than the national average.

Because of the location, and higher rates of crime, it really is no wonder that the need for surveillance services in businesses in Mobile is so great. Because of this, and the fact that unemployment is rising and the general state of the economy everywhere in the nation, Mobile video monitoring surveillance services appear to offer the best and most economical security solutions for Mobile and other businesses in outlying areas. The use of video monitoring in Mobile offers greatly enhanced and improved surveillance services with costs much less than an onsite security guard, and …who could ask for more!

When one is seeking the best high tech surveillance services, a video monitoring surveillance system tailored to the customer’s special requirement is what is needed. This is where National Video Monitoring are at the forefront of this unique method of surveillance services.

Already protecting Mobile businesses, NVMC’s after hour live video monitoring surveillance services also protect businesses nationwide. NVMC has created an effective virtual guard service that is is fully capable of servicing Mobile and other Alabama businesses with the best security protection ever. And the  phenomenal savings to the Mobile and Alabama business owners can be huge, saving up to 70% over the cost of a live guard. Not to mention that this unique type of video monitoring surveillance service is more effective.

If you are a Mobile or Alabama business owner and want the absolute best, most affordable surveillance services …hands down. Call us! Let us show you why video monitoring offers the right surveillance services solution and just how our services using live after hours video monitoring in Mobile is best for your business. You’ll be glad you did!

video monitoring service

Mobile Surveillance Services couldn’t be easier and more affordable to implement! Let us show you just how our after hours, live Mobile Video Monitoring service can be the best security for your Alabama business.