Live Video Monitoring West Virginia Provides State Of The Art Protection

Live video monitoring in West Virginia tends to be one of the greatest, economic and efficient options for security systems supplied to date!

live video monitoring West VirginiaWhy the ever mounting acceptance of live video monitoring in West Virginia? Perhaps, its due to the fact business proprietors have come to the idea that by developing such a platform within their business, they or the video monitoring company whose services they engaged, can in reality view their property in real time. Greater than that even, is the hard truth that there can actually be a huge cost savings over the use of a live guard service when live remote video monitoring is applied to local WV companies.

What is live video monitoring?

West Virginia live video monitoring serviceLive video monitoring in West Virginia and elsewhere in the nation, which is often called remote guarding, can in fact be several services all rolled into one.

  • Touring – One type of live remote video monitoring is “touring”. Cameras are placed at the customer’s site, and are observed back at a monitoring station. A tour of the physical areas that the cameras are targeted is conducted, just as if a live guard were doing his beat. These “tours” are created at targeted predetermined time intervals as per the customers’ preferences and requirements. The “touring” allows the monitoring agent to keep their eyes on not only security but safety concerns equally. “Touring” times can deviate, depending on the limitations of the site and can be carried out once a day or as many times as mandated. Although this mode of remote video monitoring can be the most economical, it is not at all the most efficient way to guard a property. There is a lot that can happen at a site in between touring times. Lots of crimes and crises are overlooked this way.
  • Event Monitoring – As far as remote guarding goes, event monitoring or sometimes called exception video, is a really efficient way to protect a property. With “event” live video monitoring, an artificial perimeter is created around the premises. Cameras are deliberately positioned so that all points of the perimeter are captured on camera. This means that on any certain site there may be any given quantity of cameras, dependent on the size of the area. These cameras are being recorded and streamed to the monitoring station via a DVR/NDVR system. When an “event” unfolds, the monitoring staff members are alerted. They then distinguish if the event is questionable and warrants police intervention. They are able to follow the suspicious person throughout the premises or property while the police have been notified. Authorities place a considerable level of emphasis on this means of verification. Video verification is becoming important for businesses as they strive to prevent false callouts by Police Departments. And in addition viewing the event in progress, the live video monitoring agent has the the capacity to interact with the site using two-way VoIP (voice over IP). This type of service is completely pro-active, instead of re-active.
  • Video chaperone – Another type of live video monitoring service is that of acting as a video chaperone. A typical situation would be a case where a person is exiting their office building after hours and are troubled about security til they reach their vehicle and ultimately leave the facility.

Why Choose Live Video Monitoring in West Virginia?

WV live video monitoringSelecting and contracting a West Virginia live video monitoring service is rapidly trending upwards these days, both for businesses and private individuals. This is because such services make it feasible for any business or home owner to competently and cost effectively track his or her properly in real time, without actually having to do it themselves. This is not implying that using true security workers cannot be effective, but because guards are just human they can miss a lot or aren’t there when required. Especially when it comes to protecting a very large property. Then the business owner will be pressed to hire several people. This can be very costly. More than this though, no matter how many people you use, they will not be able to effectively and efficiently watch all that’s going on. This is why live West Virginia live video monitoring is so sensible.

On the other hand, a live video monitoring system monitored by live agents can guarantee a full 100% real time coverage of even the smallest corner of a property. If an intruder comes into the property, the system will uncover it and warn a security staff member immediately. After this, staff will thoroughly assess the situation and immediately call the police if an intrusion was discovered.

West Virginia live video monitoring
All the above is plausible through live video monitoring software. This software empowers the monitoring company to monitor the property in real time. The software is able to autonomously evaluate ongoing events or activities in the property and will raise the alert when something questionable is detected.

Naturally, live video monitoring also uses real people not only software. Each video camera will send a live feed to the monitoring company that was hired. There at the monitoring post, professional staff members sit in front of the monitors carefully monitoring all that is happening.

How can the West Virginia live video monitoring aide your business?

Companies in West Virginia that offer these kinds of services at first glance do not seem affordable, but when one takes into account how much they would have to pay out in order to engage several security staff people, then it becomes quickly evident that there is a enormous amount of money to be saved when using a West Virginia live video monitoring service.

But the biggest part about using a WV live video monitoring service is the aspect that the customer does not have to do anything at all. If they opt for an all-inclusive service, then everything will be done for them by the monitoring company. That way, they will be able to sleep quietly keeping in mind that someone is always monitoring their premises no matter what time of the day or night is.

If it is a large business, then outsourcing security to a live monitoring company is the best decision to take. The benefits to the company owner are impressive! Hiring live security guards also involves several other expenses and administrative obstacles, such as payment of salaries, more paper work, and others, compared to the simplicity of a West Virginia live video monitoring service.

Video MonitoringOf course a business owner can opt for such a service even if they just own a small shop. Even a single camera installed on a key spot will often do the trick and ensure the monitoring company will be able to detect any movement.

Live video monitoring really is the optimal security option available on today’s market. And National Video Monitoring Corporation offers the most state-of-the-art and very affordable live video monitoring in West Virginia and throughout the nation.



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