Guard Companies – Which guard company for your business?

virtual-guard-servicesSecurity is always a concern for your business. And choosing between the variety of guard companies can be a stressful decision. There is a balance everyone must deal with between the level of security and the cost. However, the feeling of security is based on the perception of what is considered good security.

The first image that comes to mind when we think of security guard companies is typically security guard services patrolling the grounds. There are certainly situations where security guard services are suited, such as locations that expect regular interaction with people. But there are better options to spend your security budget on when it comes to choosing which guard company is right for your business.

Consider guard companies that offer video monitoring (virtual guard service).

For local and remote locations, an excellent option is a virtual guard system utilizing video monitoring. This combination offers optimum security coverage at a budget friendly price range. To put the price comparison in perspective, the cost of a single, full-time security guard working one 10 hour shift a day is approximately $54,000. The cost for round the clock surveillance using a virtual guard system with video monitoring is $10,810.90. This is not just a price debate. Virtual guard companies offer much more than even a well trained security guard can match.

Live security guard companies are limited by the fact that they are human. As such, they can only see what their eyes are looking at and can get distracted. With specific types of guard companies that utilize a video monitoring system with live monitoring agents, your business can have constant surveillance limited only by the number of cameras you use. A camera does not blink and can time-stamp everything it records.

Virtual guard companies offer the best security for the money

Virtual guard companies are not limited to surveillance. While the idea of having security guards for hire on premises to frighten off any potential break-ins is favorable, there is always the chance of liability with human interaction. However, it is not the presence of a person that frightens off intruders but the act of being discovered. Not only can virtual guard companies monitor your entire property at all times, but it can react with audio in all areas if there is something detected.

Security is something all businesses should take seriously, but should also be conscious of what value they get for their dollar. With current technology there are more options available than ever before, so it is worthwhile to investigate beyond the traditional security guard services.

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