Commercial Live Video Surveillance Services

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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, National Video Monitoring Co protects businesses nationwide. NVMC is committed to delivering unsurpassed live video monitoring services and state of the art video surveillance technology. With effective and pro-active live video surveillance, National Video Monitoring makes a significant impact on deterring crimes and engaging swift police response when a crime is detected. Businesses around the nation are turning to NVMC for their security requirements.

Our clientele includes automobile dealerships, apartments, pawn shops, shopping centers, storage facilities, constructions companies, municipals and numerous other commercial concerns. What places NVMC aside from any other video surveillance company, is our ability firmly secure your business effectively and affordably, without having to contract through different vendors.

From start to finish, from building our own technology and software, to our advanced live video monitoring service, we are there every step of the way, protecting YOUR assets.That is how we maintain our reputation of being the Nation's #1 Real Time live video monitoring service.We offer : 24/7 live video monitoring, high tech portable surveillance trailers, and the highest quality CCTV cameras and installations, not to mention our proprietary SmartView Plus™ software. National Video Monitoring provides custom, turnkey, live video surveillance services that actually work. NVMC can greatly reduce security expenses while increasing effectiveness. Theft, vandalism, property damages and other crimes are reduced or thwarted before they even happen. If you are looking for commercial video monitoring solutions for your business while increasing your R.O.I., give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

Why Live Video Monitoring?

It is simple really, here's why live video monitoring works. Not only will this proprietary live monitoring service save you money but NVMC's unique system of after hours live video surveillance offers the best protection in the nation. How so? We specialize in protecting businesses and inventory during hours of vulnerability.

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Mobile Surveillance Trailer

A security trailer offers the best solution when it comes to mobile surveillance. This type of mobile video surveillance solution offers the best remedy for those distant or unattended locations such as construction sites. National Video Monitoring has a wide range of options when it comes to mobile surveillance.

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SmartViewPlus™ Software

Only available from NVMC, SmartViewPlus™ software is THE answer to today’s security challenges. This state of the art cms software and video reporting system combines live video monitoring, proprietary software and hardware systems fully loaded with video analytics, masking, alerts, playback and intelligent search.

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