Remote Relay Surveillance System

video surveillanceA Remote Relay Surveillance System solves an extremely important issue regarding connectivity on highly secured networks…the brick wall, known as the ultra secure firewall.

It is no secret that cctv surveillance is a powerful deterrent to a myriad of criminal activities. Car dealerships, banks, stores, construction companies, numerous industries and a host of other small businesses use remote surveillance to protect their assets. And the most effective form of cctv surveillance is live remote monitoring. But a problem can arise with connectivity and the level of effectiveness when a business utilizes such highly secure protocols. This is where the remote relay combination comes in handy.

Without the remote relay, the firewall of a high security grid disables many of the necessary features of live, remote monitoring, such as alerting, video archiving, and the use of remote viewing on personal computers and mobile devices. This makes monitoring customers with high security very challenging.remote relay surveillance system

National Video Monitoring Corporation has solved this connectivity access problem through the use of a remote relay surveillance combination which maintains the integrity of the high security grid. By installing a CVR (Camera Video Relay), and relaying all video feed to the IVR housed at NVMC’s headquarters, the security block can be overcome without compromising the customer’s system.

The IVR handles all serving, alerting, and video storage. The web server is based off site. The connection between the remote relay and the IVR is made via a closed, encrypted software VPN (virtual Private Network) structure. These IVRs are protected by redundant power and internet systems.

This VPN is a Peer system and is extremely secure. This means that if you do not have the proprietary software, the unique network name, and the password you cannot even connect to the system. Each client is assigned their own user name and password.  Without knowing the exact network name, there is no way to even know that the network exists.

By using this unique remote relay surveillance system, there is no impact on the security of the client’s network while still benefiting fully from the services that the IVR provides for asset protection.

For more information on how this relay system can solve connectivity and enhance your surveillance contact Brian Leckie – Information Technology Director – 1-866-919-9584 Ext. 227


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Construction Security and the Challenges of Asset Protection

Construction Security is a Massive Task in this New Economy!

Millions of dollars are lost to construction equipment and metal theft annually. Such theft has been all too common on construction sites over the years, and is definitely escalating. The security challenges are difficult but technology is now playing a larger role.

With the slowing American economy, combined with the rise in the value of resold metals, especially  especially aluminum and copper, there has been escalating theft all construction sites from commercial to residential. The impact is huge.

theft statistics for construction securityIn June of 2012, the 12th Annual Construction Equipment Theft Study was released by LoJack Corporation.  Their valuable report highlights the continuing challenges of equipment thefts, estimating the massive costs of equipment theft to be in the range of $300,000,000 to $1,000,000,000. Hard to comprehend, I know.


Interestingly enough, according to LoJack, here are some top-line results for theft:

  • Most Frequently Stolen Equipment: – Light Utility/Work Trucks and Trailers
  • State with the Highest Theft Rate: – California
  • Top Manufacturer Targeted for Theft: – Ford

It is not surprising that construction companies are turning to security technologies to protect their assets.

One approach is the use of construction security cameras combined with video and wireless communications to an off-site monitoring facility. This type of technology watches sites under construction during off-hours through either fixed or mobile surveillance.  More often than not, these CCTV cameras and equipment would be housed in mobile security trailers.

Then the home monitoring station would have actual monitoring agents available to assess the video.  For maximum effectiveness, remote live video monitoring would be performed in real-time.

Using advanced processing of video from surveillance cameras. Through the use of state of the art analytics, the cameras would automatically detect people and vehicles as they approach the premises, marking and tracking them with analytics within the images.

The intelligent software recognizes people and vehicles automatically,  but ignores animals, leaves blowing in the wind and other unimportant movements. The video is streamed live back to the remote monitoring station through satellite technology.

construction security contractorVideo footage can also be made available to the contractor or other personnel who are granted access..

The live monitoring agents have the capability to communicate to the intruders via audio, using an audio system with a loudspeakers on the premises of the construction site. The remotely located virtual guards immediately intervene and address the intruder, warning him to leave the property.

The convenience and effectiveness of these new types of video security technologies are cutting edge. They  far surpass the old school way of construction security through the use of live guards.

Construction Site Security Guard AsleepThese guards would patrol the construction site, either on foot or by vehicle. Because of the human element involved, and the impossible logistics of having eyes everywhere at once, utilizing live guards is just not that effective. And they are certainly more expensive. In fact, a live guard can cost over 70% more than remote live monitoring.

Besides having live agents viewing video footage back at a monitoring station, the builder or supervisors can view his or her site anytime using the Internet or a cell phone.  This form of construction security makes viewing sites accessible, effective and affordable to virtually any contractor.

As time goes by, technology is rapidly taking over the role of live security guards, and who better than the nation’s leader in real-time live video monitoring, to lead the way in affordable, cutting edge innovation in the construction security field…National Video Monitoring Corporation.

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Security Trailer – Why a Mobile Security Trailer Makes Sense for Most Businesses

Why does a Mobile Security Trailer seem logical for your business?

A state-of-the-art, mobile security trailer provides an efficient and economical solution to companies and government bodies that require portability and swift deployment.
security trailer offers an extremely effective solution for the surveillance industry.

Below are just some of the few benefits that businesses look for in a quality security trailer


  • Ease of set-up and break down (only one person required)
  • Portable design for easy and rapid deployment to virtually anywhere
  • Great for sporting events, parades, large gatherings, special events
  • Reduction of construction site theft, thereby saving massive amounts of money on stolen materials an equipment
  • Perfect  for short term or temporary surveillance applications

When it comes to surveillance security, having the best site advantage point is critical. It is important to have a wide range of options and extreme mobility in order to have maximum viewing and effectiveness. A mobile security trailer, with its high mast can see over the top of objects and trees.

security trailer

A quality security trailer should have most or all of the following features.

  • Long term video storage capacity
  • Wireless communication through the local cellular networks
  • Fully self contained and including outdoor IR CCTV security cameras
  • a long term independent battery power supply as well as solar back up
  • Small in size and easily moved from place to place

Businesses and municipalities in numerous towns and throughout the nation, use mobile security trailers to minimize losses due to theft or vandalism. A portable  surveillance unit is an undeniable asset and can assist law enforcement and security personnel who employ it as a means to stem unruly crowds at events, concerts or demonstrations. Businesses are turning to this amazing tool for construction site surveillance,  safety training, covert operations, law enforcement, police work, private security and parking lot security.

Mobile Security Trailer with Live Video MonotoringBusinesses everywhere are also realizing the importance of remote live video monitoring to round out the security package. By using the live monitoring option 24 hours a day, a lot of businesses all over the country find that live monitoring greatly enhances their asset protection.

Consider Eagle Eye Surveillance Systems in conjunction with National Video Monitoring Corporation, If you are considering this type of security. A security trailer is completely wireless, extremely mobile and  most importantly…affordable. These two forward thinking companies utilize the latest cutting edge technology with includes CCTV video cameras, mobile technology using wireless and cellular networks plus some really incredible proprietary analytic software.

Call now to see how a Security Trailer can best protect your business
while saving you a bundle of cash!

security trailer




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